Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a tactical roguelike, famous for its hardcore difficulty. A wide variety of hero skills, combined with an atmosphere of inevitability, drags the player into a long dark adventure.

Darkest Dungeon
Detailed Trinket List for Black Reliquary Mod
Darkest DungeonDetailed Trinket List for Black Reliquary Mod

This list provides details on all Black Reliquary trinkets, including in-game screenshots, short descriptions, and examples of usage.

Black Reliquary Curio Interactions (Darkest Dungeon Mod)
Darkest DungeonBlack Reliquary Curio Interactions (Darkest Dungeon Mod)

All effects and loot tables for Treasury, Catacombs, Caverns and Exposed Interior curios (60 curios in total).

How to Defeat Bosses in Darkest Dungeon: Strategies and Tips
Darkest DungeonHow to Defeat Bosses in Darkest Dungeon: Strategies and Tips

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of bosses is essential for success in the game. This guide offers tactics for dominating all 25 bosses.

Darkest Dungeon Characters' Backstories
Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon Characters' Backstories

Official comics for all 18 heroes and a detailed analysis of their lore.

Ship Events in Black Reliquary
Darkest DungeonShip Events in Black Reliquary

A complete list of all weekly events in Black Reliquary: descriptions, detailed stats, and conditions for their occurrence.

Town Events in Darkest Dungeon
Darkest DungeonTown Events in Darkest Dungeon

Town Events occur on returning to Hamlet after a quest. Many of them are useful and appear on certain conditions.

Darkest Dungeon bosses lore (Ancestor's Memoirs)
Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon bosses lore (Ancestor's Memoirs)

Bosses you have to fight not always been terrifying monstrosities. Know the true story of their ugly transformation, told by Ancestor.