How to Unlock All Relics in Cult of the Lamb

Learn where to find all the relics to get your Steam achievement. Relic descriptions and examples of how to use them are included.

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About Relics

Relics in Cult of the Lamb are special artifacts with various effects. Some relics are similar to Curses and inflict significant magic damage. Others enhance the player, increasing his damage, speed, or even size. There are relics that add orbs around the lamb, and some summon demons to assist in the remaining crusade battles. Relics are a pleasant bonus that will undoubtedly come in handy in many battles.

Obtaining relics is similar to getting tarot cards and weapons - you can find them as a reward after a room battle or purchase them from a merchant. Fragile relics can be used only once, while others can be used indefinitely, on cooldown.

In this guide, I will tell you how to find all 37 relics to get an achievement on Steam. Also presented is a brief overview of each relic, rank, and examples of use in practice.

Starting Relics

The first 13 relics will be unlocked after your first encounter with the mad owl named Chemach. For those who choose the Quick Start option, these relics are available from the very first crusade.

Starting Relics

Temple Relics

The Temple’s sermons upgrade tree, which increases the level of weapons and curses, also offers several enhancements for relics. They are located in the right branch.

The first relic upgrade, Eyes of the Lost Relics, unlocks 3 fragile relics. They add orbiting eyes around the Lamb, damaging or weakening enemies on contact.

The next two enhancements, Blessings of the Relics and Damnation of the Relics, unlock 5 relics of the corresponding type each.

In total, you unlock 13 relics in the Temple.

Traders Relics

In your search for the next 2 relics, you will be assisted by traders whom you frequently encounter on crusades.

Tarot Card dealer Clauneck gives the first clue upon entering his room:

Traders Relics

Thus, you can pick up Clauneck's Shoe behind the Lighthouse in Pilgrim's Passage:

Traders Relics

The second hint is given by the weaponsmith Kudaai:

Traders Relics

The great beastie mentioned by Kyday is the fish-ship in Smuggler's Sanctuary. Tickle it and take Kudaii's Fingernail.

Traders Relics

By the way, waiting for hints from merchants is not required: both relics are available in the specified locations immediately after unlocking the initial 13 relics.

Secret Relics

Beak of the Fowler is easily caught while fishing, as the chance of catching it is quite high.

To obtain the Transmogricon, you will need to kill some innocent critter during a crusade. Whether it's squirrels or birds, keep slaughtering, and sooner or later this relic will be yours.

If you decide to forego traditional funeral rites and instead send five of your followers to be butchered, you'll be rewarded with Warracka's Right Fist. This, of course, might raise a few eyebrows among your remaining followers, so it's best to engage in such activities discreetly.

If you can’t wait for someone to die a natural death, you can always take matters into your own hands. Just remember, it’s best to do this under the cover of night, to avoid shaking the faith in your holy essence.

Boss Relics

After you defeat all the bosses and thus complete the main plot of Cult of the Lamb, you will encounter a mystic seller named ???.

Boss Relics

All four dungeons become available for replay and you will face enhanced Bishops in each of them. By defeating each of them, you can accept them into your cult as followers.

The first thing these new followers will ask you to do is to visit their dungeons and find a certain item there. This item is located in a room marked with a question mark. As soon as you find it, a new boss relic will become available to you.

Boss Relics

This way, your arsenal will be augmented by 4 powerful boss relics.

Mother's Relics

Acquiring the last two relics requires completing the following chain of actions:

  • Trade God Tears for the Amulet of Light and the Amulet of Darkness with ??? Mystic Seller. He is available after completing the main plot of the game.
  • Choose two useless followers (you will lose them forever) and give them these two amulets.
  • Perform sacrifice rituals and sacrifice them. As a result, you will get two new followers: Baal and Aym. You have already met them in the final battle with the main boss.
  • Turn both into demons using the summoning circle and go on a crusade with them.
  • Find a room with a cat merchant on the dungeon map and enter it.

That's it! Wait for the end of the monologue and receive a relic for each son of Forneus. In addition, you will receive the Mother’s Love achievement!

All Relics

The list of relics is presented in the order in which they appear in the game.

Descriptions of the relics will be periodically updated and adjusted.

Eye of Leshy

Orbiting eye that damages enemies on contact.

Blessed Clauneck's Hair

Deal damage to all enemies based on the amount of Tarot Cards you hold. Chance to gain blue hearts.

Damned Clauneck's Hair

Deal damage to all enemies based on the amount of Tarot Cards you hold. Chance to gain diseased hearts.

Clauneck's Hair

Deal damage to all enemies based on the amount of Tarot Cards you hold.

Galvar's Charm

Increase in size.

Blessed Laplace's Dice

50% chance to become invincible for 10 seconds, 50% chance to gain a blue heart.

Damned Laplace's Dice

50% chance to gain a diseased heart, 50% chance to deal damage to all enemies.

Laplace's Dice

50% chance to heal a heart, 50% chance to gain a spirit heart.

Beak of the Fowler

Instantly refill your Fervour.

Toe of the Icegore

Freeze all active enemies.

Eye of the Icegore

Orbiting eye that freezes enemies on contact.

Seal of the Bishops

Freezes time for a short duration.

Shamura's Skull

8 seconds of invincibility.

Blessed Tears of the Vengeful Father

Converts your blue hearts into spirit hearts.

Damned Tears of the Merciful Mother

Converts your blue hearts into double the amount of diseased hearts.

Heket's Throat

Increases attack damage for 10 seconds.

Blessed Ala's Teeth

Rain down a storm of lightning with a chance to drop blue hearts.

Damned Ala's Teeth

Rain down a storm of lightning with a chance to drop diseased hearts.

Ala's Teeth

Rain down a storm of lightning.

Tail of the Slythor

Poisons all active enemies.

Eye of the Slythor

Orbiting eye that poisons enemies on contact.

Clauneck's Shoe

Fires three projectiles for every Tarot Card you have.

The Transmogricon

Turns a random enemy into a critter.

Kudaii's Toenail

Summons a new Curse with an increased level.

Kudaii's Fingernail

Summons a new Weapon with an increased level.

Eye of the Fervent

Orbiting eye that mimics any Curses cast.

Shunrue's Charm

Decrease in size.

Sithi's Tongue

Spawns bombs around the room.

Kallamar's Ear

Summons an undead Follower who attacks alongside you.

Warracka's Right Ear

Chance for dead bodies to reanimate and fight alongside you.

Blessed Exorcist's Finger

Summon two demons instantly.

Damned Exorcist's Finger

Summons one powerful demon instantly.

Exorcist's Finger

Summons a demon instantly.

Turua's Tentacle

Spawn a tentacle that inflicts damage when touched.

Blessed Aethrile's Powder Box

Uses a random Blessed Relic.

Damned Aethrile's Powder Box

Uses a random Damned Relic.

Aethrile's Powder Box

Uses a random Relic.

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