Cult of the Lamb Completion Guide (Achievements & Trophies)

How to get all achievements and trophies. Keeping it short, only general tips without spoilers.

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Achievements and trophies in Cult of the Lamb do not require tremendous efforts to obtain. If you already completed the main story, but willing to stay in the game for a little longer - completing the game for 100% will take another couple hours.

Primarily, this guide tends to give you tips and recommendations and keeps it short. You can still expand and see some spoilers.

Completing Storyline

Kill all the bosses, upgrade your Temple to the max, buy everything from merchants - and your collector's goal is 70% completed. Getting all the remaining achievements and trophies in Cult of the Lamb is what the following sections are about.

Full Deck: Unlocking All Tarot Cards

There are 32 Tarot Cards in Cult of the Lamb, 15 of which are available from the start.

You get more cards, 12 in total, from area merchants. There are 4 merchants in the world, each trading 3 Taro Cards for gold.

The next 4 cards are winnable in Knucklebones (game of dice) when you stop by the Lonely Shack and beat each of the contestant.

The first fish you caught in the ocean grants you another card.

Perform a Wedding or Fight Pit Ritual in the Temple to receive a card from above.

The final 3 cards are obtainable on crusades in special rooms. First card is near a Health pool, another is sold by a merchant Forneus. The last card is presented by a spider merchant Shelob as a gift for being a regular customer of the follower shop.

Transmute: Unlocking All Fleeces

You have statless Fleece of the Lamb at the start of your campaign, getting new ones require connecting 4 shards into a single Holy Talisman. Thus, to unlock all the Fleeces in Cult of the Lamb, you have to collect 20 Holy Talisman pieces.

The Fisherman in Pilgrim’s Passage will trade a shard for a rare fish you catch. To increase your fishing luck, go to the Temple and perform Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty.

Sozo in Spore Grotto loves mushrooms, and rewards you generously when you complete 4 fungus-related tasks. Gather mushrooms from Anura or plant them on your farms.

Plimbo in Smuggler’s Sanctuary offers you a deal - a shard for every non-Bishop boss you slay in dungeons. These bosses appear when you visit dungeons already liberated from Bishops.

Midas in Midas’s Cave asks for sacrifices. Any follower, no matter the age, is welcome in the Golden statues collection.

Fifth NPC blooms out of the darkness when you interact with a half moon icon in above-mentioned area at night. Fulfill mystical figure's insatiable appetite, and the prize will not keep you waiting.

Cloaked Wolf's Locations

Cloaked Wolf's Locations
Cloaked Wolf's Locations
Cloaked Wolf's Locations
Cloaked Wolf's Locations

Full Flock: Unlocking All Follower Skins

Follower Skins are divided into 5 categories: general and ones related to 4 dungeons. The last ones are easy to find during crusades, and the missing skins are purchasable at the triangle stores.

General skins are much harder to obtain. Even though you receive half of them for free during campaign, the remaining 9 will require some searching to do.

1. Pay Ratau a visit and look to the left of his hut. You can see a Rat follower skin among the stacks of wood.

2. Be patient in fishing - sooner or later, you will catch a Fish follower skin.

3. Reignite the lighthouse by bringing some lumber and crystals from Anchordeep. The lighthouse keeper will give you an Axolotl skin in return.

4. As soon as you set foot in Smuggler’s Sanctuary, you will notice a crab running around. Catch him to get a Crab Skin.

5. Snoop through the piles of Midas' gold - you will find Star skin eventually.

6. A cloaked wolf was mentioned in the section above. He also grants you a Wolf skin for fulfilling of all his gluttony desires.

7. Show the talent in cooking - craft enough Bowls of Poop to the delight of your flock, to make your future followers fashionable with a Poop skin.

8. First, find some snail shells during your crusades in Anura. Then put each of 5 shells on the snail shrines to get a Snail skin. (currently you can't get shells on PS4 because of bugs, devs working on it for sure)

9. Find a seed merchant during your crusades. Hit a big snail to get him angry and start the fight. After your remarkable victory, build a newly acquired decoration at your base. Pray before the Mad Monster statue at night to get your final collectible - Mad Monster skin.

Beating Bosses Without Taking Damage

If are not willing to perfect your fighting skills to the maximum, I would suggest you to switch difficulty to easy for this particular task. This way, you will need much fewer hits (maybe just one) to gain a flawless victory.

My recommendation for an equipment would be a Golden Fleece and any weapon that is not Hammer. By the time you reach the boss, your damage output should be high enough to kill any boss without effort. If you got lucky to find an Invincibility curse - victory is already in the bag.

+2500% damage + other bonuses from Taro Cards.
Full run (25 minutes):

Relics of the Old Faith

The Relics of the Old Faith update was released in April 2023. It added a plethora of new content:

  • A new storyline for replaying the game.
  • 37 relics for battle enhancement.
  • New Tarot cards, fleeces, follower skins, and decorations.
  • New enemies, bosses, rooms, and much more.

Along with the new content, 5 new achievements were added. I will explain how to get them all.

Collecting All Relics

Shake Down

To start, you need to complete the main storyline of the game by killing all the bishops and the final boss. From this point, the late game begins, where you will need to clear the dungeons again.

During these crusades, you will repeatedly encounter Midas, who will steal 60% of your coins. This will happen three times: in Darkwood, in Anchordeep, and in Silk Cradle. On the third encounter, Midas won't manage to escape, and you'll be able to shake coins out of him like a scared piggy bank, with just a couple of powerful blows to his greedy snout.

This achievement is one of the easiest in this expansion. You can only miss it if you decide to spare Midas - but who in their right mind would do that?

Slayer of Souls

Purgatory is a new battle area with two modes: classic and boss rush. To get the achievement, you need to complete a series of trials - specifically, accomplish 6 successful entries in one of the modes.

A lot depends on the choice of fleeces. For the first run, I recommend Fervor's Favor fleece, which restores health by spending Fervor - as hearts and Tarot cards do not drop from chests.

If the number of enemies is too great and you're eager to get the achievement faster, you can lower the difficulty to easy. Otherwise, you will need to more carefully study the patterns of all the enemies and bosses.

Leader of Leaders

It's quite fascinating to watch your former enemies toil for you, sweating profusely. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to welcome all four bishops into your cult. Their joining, along with The One Who Waits, will bring a new achievement.

True Love Found

This achievement requires completing the following chain of actions:

  • Trade God Tears for the Amulet of Light and the Amulet of Darkness with ??? Mystic Seller. He is available after completing the main plot of the game.
  • Choose two useless followers (you will lose them forever) and give them these two amulets.
  • Perform sacrifice rituals and sacrifice them. As a result, you will get two new followers: Baal and Aym. You have already met them in the final battle with the main boss.
  • Turn both into demons using the summoning circle and go on a crusade with them.
  • Find a room with a cat merchant on the dungeon map and enter it.

That's it! Wait for the end of the monologue and receive the Mother’s Love achievement!

Sins of the Flesh

The Sins of the Flesh update was highly anticipated: the marketing move to add sins to the game attracted a lot of attention. Despite there being few changes in the combat part, updates within the cult, including rituals, buildings, costumes, and decorations, amused many players. And who would be dissatisfied when the update was free?

Below I will describe how to get all 6 new achievements in the game.


One of the most interesting and straightforward achievements of the update is related to a lover of menticide mushrooms. You'll uncover the mysterious story of Sozo, who fell under the power of toadstools and lost his mind.

First, you need to return to the Mushroom Grotto. Sozo still lies dead, but now a sprouted mushroom can be cut from his head. Plant it in your garden, and Sozo will be reborn as a new follower of your cult. In his new body, he retains his passion for mushrooms, and his appetite increases - now he craves living mushroom creatures. If you fulfill his request, you doom the saved Mushroomo to certain death: Sozo won’t even let it dance around the altar.

Therefore, it's wise to deny Sozo his gastronomic excesses. Of course, this will greatly infuriate him and prompt him to rebel against the cult. Imprison him and give him time to reflect, re-educating him daily with your lectures.

Eventually, Sozo will come to his senses, thank you for saving him, and share his story of becoming addicted to mushrooms. True, by this time, he will have noticeably aged. But on the bright side, you will have earned your first achievement!

Holder of History

To become the Holder of History, you need to collect 15 lore hidden in the most secluded corners of the dungeons.

One of the lore is hidden behind a campfire in the room with the moth.

The second manuscript will be on the floor after a dialogue with the owl Haro, or in the room with meat.

The next three manuscripts are located in the cemetery. You need to visit rooms marked with a question mark and dig up graves. In addition to bones and skeletons, manuscripts will emerge from them.

The remaining 10 lore can be obtained in secret rooms in exchange for a sacrificed heart. Finding the secret rooms is easy if you follow these hints:

  • The room is always located above the current one.
  • In the room, you can find two inconspicuous pillars. The one that needs to be removed is hidden behind grass or stones. The other is more noticeable and located at the future passage.

It's even easier to find these rooms with Telescope Tarot card, which reveals the entire map.

Unlocking all costumes for the achievement is not too hard:

  • Purchasing from NPC: The first 12 costumes are available for purchase from Berith (silkworm) during crusades.
  • Naked: To achieve this, perform Rite of Lus five times.
  • Wedding Dress and Suit: These will be unlocked after conducting three weddings in the Temple.
  • Chef's Jacket: Available after breaking three eggs after mating process.
  • Knight Armor: It will appear if you take the heart-headed demon with you on a crusade.
  • Ceremonial Robes: Confess the same cult member five times.
  • Maid Dress: Rewarded for cleaning up manure and vomit a hundred times.
  • Fancy Robes: Absolve someone's sins five times.
  • Drinktender Vest: Brew 30 drinks at your Drinkhouse
  • Jesters Costume: Craft 25 costumes. To save resources, you can make the cheapest options, such as Grass Skirts or Ragged Robes.
  • Warrior's Cuirass: Start fight pit ritual 3 times. You'll get an outfit regardless of the battle's outcome.

This way, you can add a bit of variety to the appearance of the Cult of the Lamb characters and achieve the Setter of Trends achievement. No need for paid DLC (outfits from them don't count).

Propagate the Flock

Propagating the Flock is a relatively easy achievement to earn and is great for the future of the cult. You need to select two compatible followers - those who are friends or, even better, in love - and offer them the opportunity to seclude themselves in the love tent. If you decide to do this during the Rite of Lust ritual, it won’t be difficult to find perfect pairs with a guaranteed chance of mating.

Next, you’ll need to tend for the egg, from which a cute baby will hatch in a few days. Show it a bit of parental affection every day to gain a whole level of loyalty, which will be useful for the next achievement. However, for this current achievement, the level of loyalty is not important; you only need 5 followers hatched from eggs.


To obtain the Apostles achievement, you need to have 12 level 10 followers whom you have initiated as disciples through the Initiation ritual. The main task here is to increase the level of followers by gaining their loyalty. Let's consider various ways to achieve this goal:

  • Mating: This method allows you to raise babies from eggs who can reach level 6-7 through daily Nurture. This gives a good start for their further development.
  • Interactions: Daily confession in the confession Booth increases loyalty by 75%. The remaining 25% can be supplemented with other daily actions: inspiration, bribing, and conducting services. Gifts found during crusades can be given without quantity restrictions.
  • Rituals: Performing various rituals, such as Alms for the Poor, Ascension, and Loyalty Enforcer, helps increase the loyalty of all your followers. The ritual duel has a more significant impact on the level of the winner, especially if you show no mercy to the loser.
  • Necklaces: The Loyalty Necklace of Trust boosts the rate of loyalty gain by 25%. Other necklaces are also useful - they increase loyalty initially and provide various beneficial effects, such as prolonging life. However, if someone dies before reaching level 10, it would be wise to resurrect them.
  • Quests: Completing tasks offered by followers also contributes to increasing their trust in you.
  • Cooking: Preparing dishes like Magnificent Mixed Meal and Splendid Vegetable Feast increases loyalty, although not too significantly.
  • Monch: Meeting the NPC moth Monch can be a nice bonus for leveling up, but it's a random event, so it should not be relied upon as a primary method of increasing loyalty.

Aesthetics of the Lamb

To give the Temple a Divine look and unlock new variations (skins), you will need to carry out 10 upgrades. This process will be quite costly: while the initial upgrades cost you only 1 Sin and 3 gold ingots, the final upgrade will require 15 Sins and 50 ingots. In total, a full Temple upgrade will take 62 Sins and 146 gold. You probably already know how to get gold, so let’s focus on efficient methods of collecting Sins:

  • First, unlock all the commandments related to sin. Use four tablets from the Mystic Seller to make all 8 commandments available. This will expand your opportunities in accumulating Sins.
  • Perform Rite of Lust and Rite of Wrath rituals to increase the level of sinfulness in individual followers. Also, don’t forget about the opportunity to confess in Sins in the Confession Booth.
  • Throw drunken parties, brew drinks (3-6) for your followers. Drunkenness does not fill the sinfulness scale to the limit, which is important for the next step.
  • Collect sin from all members with the Sinner's Pride ritual. If there are enough sinners in your community, the chosen one will provide 2-3 Sins at once. Due to an excess of sinfulness, this follower is likely to rebel against you, but meeting him during the next crusade will bring you an additional Sin.
  • Dance by the fire and encourage the Gluttony of Cannibals to get 1 whole Sin.
  • Killing bosses can also bring you Sin as a reward, although the probability of this is not so high.

By following these methods, you will be able to turn the Temple into a real work of art and take the last Sins of the Flesh achievement - Aesthetics of the Lamb.


Godhood is an ultimate award for your efforts. It appears in the list after you've collected all the achievements and trophies in the game.

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