How to Fight Elites in Brotato

Learn how to defeat Elites in Brotato. 30-second video showing kiting patterns for each Elite included.

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Elites are mini-bosses that appear on Danger 2 and above. They have a high HP pool, can mutate, and deal significant damage with their unique attacks.

The amount of HP and damage Elites deal depends on the round you face them. On round 12, they deal 12-18 damage with their skills and 24 when touching a character.

Mutations are the phases that drastically change monsters’ behavior. Usually, there are 2-3 mutations during the fight, and the transition occurs after a certain time (25-30 seconds) or damage they receive (40%-50%).

Killing an elite is not a requirement for completing the level, but the reward is worth the effort. The red crate that a dead elite leaves on the ground instantly heals for 100 HP and contains legendary loot.

General Advice

The hardest part about fighting any Elite is that it’s not the only enemy you face - the battlefield continues to spawn common monsters. You should know your limits for the fight - if your damage output isn’t high enough to kill the main enemy fast, you will be overwhelmed with hordes without a chance to escape.

Potato loses the most health when touching an enemy. This makes jumping and fast-moving elites more dangerous. Try to keep your distance from them.

High speed is not a requirement for Elite fights, it may even become an issue - you will run into more projectiles with the speed you are not used to have. If you are comfortable with 0-20, that should be enough.

Some attacks may surround a potato from many sides, and staying in the corner will leave him with no safe spots to move. Keep it in free space.


Butcher’s starting mutation involves pointing two pairs of parallel lines towards a player.

In the second phase, eight slashes will appear in random positions near a character.

The third phase is similar to the second one, but with only three lines that deal less damage.


First, Colossus chases a player while surrounding himself with 50 projectiles. The player’s goal is to find a safe spot between these small circles or stay far away and deal all the damage with high-range weapons.

In his second mutation, Colossus moves chaotically and surrounds a potato character with an enclosing circle. To survive, a player has to decide whether to leave the circle or stay within its bounds. The movement direction of that circle is predictable - it will always go from Colossus towards the player. So, don't panic and check the position between you and your main opponent.


Croc, also known as Smiley, usually catches new players off guard. The danger comes from his fast and frequent charges and high damage when he touches you. At the same time, his attacks are quite primitive and have less randomness, which makes further encounters more bearable.

Another difficulty of the Croc is that it’s almost impossible to stay away from him. Players who invested all their materials into economy and hence have no damage or survivability will suffer the most.


Demon starts his performance by moving around the battlefield and creating a large circle around himself. Staying close to him without touching is the safest approach to deal with his first mutation.

For the second mutation, it’s recommended to stay a little away from the demon or rely on faster reaction. In the final stage, projectiles will move slower, but in larger amounts.


Elite Insect moves towards a player and periodically surrounds himself with slashes. The same slashes will surround him in his second mutation when he charges towards a player.

This elite is more forgiving than Croc and gives enough breathing time between his much slower charging attacks.


Mom, being the latest elite addition to the Brotato game, is a cut above other elites. She starts her attack pattern with four long slashes toward a player. The final mutation is a combination of her spawning minions and doing two fast slashes near a player. Considering she’s always surrounded by her children, dealing the final blow to her is not an easy task.

The damage requirements are high, and if you have an average weapon set, it’s better to avoid fighting her from the start and leave her at phase 1 as long as possible.


Monk is an interesting opponent with many different mechanics. For the first 10 seconds, Monk will start spawning three eggs every few seconds. Unlike those in round 7, Monk eggs are easier to find as they spawn near him.

The second phase is the time to take a breather and regain health if needed, as the projectiles Monk shoots are quite slow and easy to dodge.

But the final mutation will be stressful. Monk will create several tentacles that will hinder your movement and will surround a potato with a circle himself.


Rhino’s both mutations are slow charges with projectiles appearing from the sides. They are quite slow and have a lot of space to fit through. If you don’t stand still in front of the Rhino, the fight should be an easy one.

How to practice

If Elites end your promising runs way too often, there is a way to learn their attack patterns by practicing fights over and over again. This is how you can do it on PC version:

1. Start a run with a character you want to practice with. Exit the game.

2. Find and open save.json file. In Windows 10, Brotato save folder is located here: C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Roaming\Brotato

3. Make a backup of these files, as further syntax errors may cause you to lose all your game progress. Extra comma or missing quote are common mistakes while editing JSON files.

4. Open save.json using any text editor and search for "elites_spawn" phrase. Values you will see are in charge of the level and enemy type (12,0,"elite_monk") you will encounter in your run. Change the name to any of these 8:

  • elite_butcher
  • elite_colossus
  • elite_croco
  • elite_demon
  • elite_insect
  • elite_mom
  • elite_monk
  • elite_rhino

5. Experiment with other save data at your own discretion to make your practice more productive. For example, you can make your weapon weaker, but HP level much higher, changing values for weapons and stat_max_hp. Changes in the save file require you to restart the game.

Another way to practice the fight without any editing and file manipulations is to build a character with very high survivability to stay in the fight as long as needed. Before the 60-second timer runs out, you exit the game and play the round from the start again until you perfected your dodging skills. This method will also work on Mobile.

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