Town Events in Darkest Dungeon

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Town Events occur on returning to Hamlet after a quest. Many of them are useful and appear on certain conditions.

Events about Next Quest

4 events from a list below are similar: they give +15 damage in battles and +33% resolve experience after mission succeed. To trigger the event, you have to complete an expedition in the same region before, activating 3 objects given on start. These buffs will come very handy against bosses: any plot one or Shambler.

Another couple events affect provision prices: if you collect 3 harvests in the Warrens, you'll get 100% discount on all the supplies for the next quest. It will save you a lot of gold if you go on a long expedition.

Silence in the Crypts

The shuffling dead are silenced - we have claimed dominion over the Ruins once more!

Reports from the hill cottages confirm a welcome reduction in the general aire of malaise in and around the old Ruins.

Heroes Gain +33% Resolve XP in Ruins on Next Quest
Heroes Gain +15% DMG in Ruins on Next Quest

Sunshine in the Thicket

Pallid light filters its way through the rotting boughs...let us press on!

Wholesome plant life has been spotted in the surrounding wood - a rarity in these parts.

Heroes Gain +33% Resolve XP in Weald on Next Quest
Heroes Gain +15% DMG in Weald on Next Quest

Fresh Air in the Tunnels

The twisting tunnels no longer exhale the toxic stench of degeneracy...

West side residents have expressed relief at the abatement of the nauseating odour emanating from the ancient aqueducts.

Heroes Gain +33% Resolve XP in Warrens on Next Quest
Heroes Gain +15% DMG in Warrens on Next Quest

Gentle Tide

The frothing waters subside; the advantage is ours!

Superstitious mariners rejoiced earlier today at news that unspeakable eldritch evils no longer threaten their cargo.

Heroes Gain +33% Resolve XP in Cove on Next Quest
Heroes Gain +15% DMG in Cove on Next Quest

Valiant Spirit

A fever of wilfull determination sweeps through the barracks!

They were a fearsome lot - gritted teeth, distant stares; and between them, an unbreakable bond of fellowship.

Party Gains +15% Virtue Chance on Next Quest

Bumper Crop

A modest offering from those few surrounding farms yet untouched by the spreading calamity.

Nearby farmers have banded together, increasing security in an effort to protect the healthy livestock and crops upon which the Hamlet depends.

Supply is free
Provision is free

Supply Run

Surplus - a rare and wonderful thing!

Met at the bridge by a jubilant crowd, the Caretaker credits a thick fog and an early departure time for the wagon's safe arrival.

Supply costs change by -50%
Provision costs change by -50%

Helping Hand

Let each help the other, and in so doing, help themselves...

Putting ego aside does not come easily to such seasoned survivors, but the new recruits are palpably grateful for the assistance.

Level Restrictions Removed for Next Quest

In Radiance

An unfamiliar wind caresses the hills and slips through even the deepest of that hope?

The light seems to be rallying against the evil energies that cloak the region, finding its way into the deepest recesses and providing a fleeting advantage to the active militia.

Torchlight dims much more slowly this week

The Lights

The tumultuous currents in the ether bluster with extra vigor tonight. The comet particulates vibrate with extra intensity!

All shards gained this week are doubled

The Dark is Rising

Your soldiers' minds are mired in malignancy - fear has taken root!

Despondency and ambivalence seem to be on the wind. Many adventurers confess to having a troubled disposition, even here, in the relative safety of the Hamlet.

Party Gains -15% Virtue Chance on Next Quest

Lost Shipment

What little there is must suffice, for the time being.

Yet another cargo vessel has sunk off the coast, and the surviving crew have proven distressingly evasive concerning the particulars of this latest nautical nightmare.

Supply Quantities change by -50%
Provision quantities change by -50%

Events about Town Activities

Town Activities events will save you some gold - they decrease stress heal cost by 2 or even make some activities free. The side effect is usually one closed activity in the Hamlet.

Most gold saving event is one making Sanitarium free. Remember that you can remove one negative quirk and lock a positive one at the same time.

A Job Well Done

An exquisite example of craftsmanship... and futility.

He stayed up working for days, inspired by the rare quality of his materials, and determined to do them justice with his own skill.

1 armour upgrade for free

Lost and Found

A finely crafted instrument of butchery and bloodshed - yours for the taking.

In the end, the hours of rooting through the old barrels and forgotten weapon racks bore fruit!

1 weapon upgrade for free

Labour Force

Even these dirt-covered dullards have their uses - put them to work!

Historically, seasonal labourers have been loath to make the journey along the Old Road, but harsh economic conditions have driven them to desperation.

1 building upgrade for free

Town Fair

The town is alive with wild merriment and desperate jubilation!

The town is alight with a spirit of goodwill and revelry, but this life-affirming attitude is not predicted to last long.

All facilities are free

One Good Week

Perhaps things are not as bad as they seem... (laughter)

...and while the campaign continues to drag on, recent events have emboldened the standing roster. Confidence is reported to be at an all-time high.

All idle heroes receive 3x stress heals (-15 stress instead of usual -5)

Mardis Gras

Death and demise - cause for celebration!

The Tavern will be open later than normal throughout the celebration, and residents are asked to maintain some semblance of decorum when leaving after midnight.

Tavern activities are free

Empty Kegs

A troubling shortage of ale... and a notable absence of good humour.

Ironically, those most vocal concerning the current dearth of spirits and mead are the same patrons whose unrestrained exuberance the night before exhausted the supply.

Bar is closed, other activities in Tavern are 50% cheaper

Daylight Robbery

The beating heart of the gambling hall - now bloodless and still.

Operations will be suspended temporarily, but given the limited avenues of egress from the Hamlet, officials are optimistic the thieves will be apprehended shortly.

Gambling Hall is closed, other activities in Tavern are 50% cheaper

Laundry Day

Any evidence of excessive exertions must be made scarce. After all, appearances must be maintained...

Bedsheets and pillowcases gleam white on the line, their lascivious history easily erased, unlike the consciences of those who sullied them.

Brothel is closed, other activities in Tavern are 50% cheaper

All Saints Day

Take advantage of this faith-fueled charity - it will not last.

The Abbey will be decorated for the duration of the event, and all are welcome to visit during the extended hours.

Abbey activities are free

Noisy Repairs

Ancient and crumbling, the Abbey's masonry fares no better than the faith of its congregation.

Indeed, the elements have not been kind to the old Abbey; the very soil itself seems to reject the place. Work is expected to last through the week.

Cloister is closed, other activities in Abbey are 50% cheaper

Absent Abbot

Woe to the sheep, for does the absence of the shepherd not invite the wolves?

The Abbot has sequestered himself in the wine cellar, ostensibly to consider how best to help his parishioners cope with the deluge of godless horrors that plague these lands.

Transept is closed, other activities in Abbey are 50% cheaper

Cell Cleaning

No amount of scrubbing can remove the stains of such fearsome piety.

The Abbot will not comment on the condition of the Penance Hall at this time, except to say that he expects normal operations to be resumed shortly.

Penance Hall is closed, other activities in Abbey are 50% cheaper

Caregivers Convention

The preponderance of rare and exotic injuries make this place perfect for the study of suffering.

Among the visiting delegation are experts in corporeal and cognitive disability, as well as several forensic specialists.

Sanitarium is free

Medical Breakthrough

Finally, the serum is working, and the side effects are... manageable.

The time and gold were not spent in vain, however, as today caregivers announced they have succeeded in concocting an effective antidote.

Medical Devices in Sanitarium are free

Nomad New Year

Their customs are curious, and their generosity is notoriously short-lived.

The collection is indeed impressive, and all the more appealing when one takes notice of the discounted prices.

Trinkets in Nomad Wagon are 50% cheaper

A Ray of Sunlight

A ray of sunlight. A beacon of golden hope.

This pleasant weather comes as a welcome change, particularly for those currently enjoying a period of convalescence.

All stress relief activities more effective

The Miserable Dark

Windows and doors will be bolted. Tonight, something haunts the dark. one man put it, "Somethin' ain't right with them shadows - movin' and twistin' as they do.". Residents are advised to stay indoors until daybreak.

All stress relief activities less effective


With diligence, labour, and a king's ransom of resources, our fair Hamlet may yet surpass even its past glories!

The resurrection of our ramshackle Hamlet has lured brave artisans and merchants who see potential in the vacant lots surrounding the town square!

1 Blueprint awarded! This event appears only once between week 7 and 10

Specical Events

Special Town events open additional plot quests in Crimson Court and battles against brigand Vvulf and Shricker.

For players who play on the hardest difficulty, "From Beyond" event is especially useful because it decreases hero loss count by 1.

From Beyond

Back across the Styx - Boatman be damned!

Life... the greatest treasure of all.

No rest, no peace for this wretched soul.

By hateful curse or malign miracle, it seems even death may be defied in this damnable place. Only ONE of these soldiers can be returned to the living...

You get a choice of 1 of 3 random heroes from your graveyard to resurrect. The resurrected hero will keep their resolve level, but their skills, armor and weapon will be reset back to minimum.

Brigand Incursion!

Flames on the horizon, sulfur in the air - the wolves are at the door!

To arms! A Brigand raiding party is descending upon the Hamlet with explosive fury and murderous intent!

Triggers Plot Quest: "Wolves at the Door", a level 6 mission involving fighting bandits attempting to raid the town lead by their leader, The Vvulf.

A Thief in the Night

In the end, however, the damnable thing managed to get away with its prize; the Hamlet's coffers all the poorer for having hosted the unwanted guest.

Triggers Plot Quest: your party fights the Shrieker and attempt to gain 8 trinkets stolen from you.

Shrieker's Prize

Stunned by the apparent value of the thing concealed amidst its putrid feathers, onlookers wondered if a trek to its perch might not be in order...

Triggers Plot Quest: "Shrieker's Prize", a mission in the Weald where your party fights the Horrid Shrieker and attempt to gain the treasures it has collected.

A Maddening Whine

Though long years may seek to separate them, action and consequence will invariably have their dreadful reunion.

Intolerable! Clouds of mosquitos and other, less identifiable pests continue to descend upon the Hamlet with maddening persistence! Illness and irritation abound.

Triggers Plot Quest: "Burn the Hives", a mission in The Courtyard. This event only appears once on week 3

The Town is Abuzz!

A fresh irritation to some. A sanguine memory to me.

A crumbling stone entry to a forgotten labyrinthian garden has been uncovered! The discoverer, sadly, has perished from innumerable insect stings. Concern rises.

Stress reduction activities in town are slightly less effective

Heresy in the Blood

Dire circumstances are rarely remedied with fear and fanaticism, and yet... here we are.

An excommunicated madman has responded to the growing infestation in kind. Fueled by conviction, he is merciless, and plies his trade with extreme prejudice.

The Fanatic will stalk parties with infected heroes. 20% chance with 2-3 heroes, 75% chance with 4.

A Veil Lifted

The virulent clouds from the Courtyard have abated. The airs of the Estate feel... narrowly agreeable, once again.

The haze of contagion has abated, due in no small part to the recent triumph over the age-old horror that had lurked for too long behind the long-sealed Courtyard gate.

Removes the Crimson Curse from all affected heroes. This event only occurs after beating any Crimson Court bosses (Baron, Viscount or Countess)

They Made a Tonic

By accident, an enterprising charlatan brewed an actual potent draught made from dust harvested from the comet. It can work wonders, for a price.

For 30 shards every hero in the roster has 1 diseased cured. This also applies to the Crimson Curse

Crystaline Focii

Gazing deep into the shimmering colors of the comet fractures can bring a sense of peace...

For 30 shards every hero in the roster heals 50 stress

Shard Harvest

Cosmic fortune has deposited some well-formed comet specimens right up on the Hamlet's doorstep! Not every treasure requires risking life and limb.

Gain +25 shards

Events about Heroes

When this type of event trigger, you can either increase one Hero's level by leaving him idle for a week or get 2 level 0 heroes to your roaster.


There will be no sleep tonight - the wild shouts and frantic drumming will see to that.

Debaucherous and decadent in the extreme, several nomadic warriors have wandered into the Hamlet in search of a glorious death. We can only hope they find it quickly.

You get 2 Hellions you may add to your roster

Leper Colony

Cast out from the "civilized" world, these men may yet be of use to us.

One cannot help but admire these unfortunate souls - they bear their burden with a grace and humility seldom seen in the able-bodied.

You get 2 Lepers you may add to your roster

Wyrd Council

They meet in secret, that none may know the horrifying depths of their inquiries.

While strange utterances and unsettling chants typically characterize such events, we have been assured there is no real danger present in the rituals themselves.

You get 2 Occultists you may add to your roster

Rumour of Riches

Risk and reward - a siren's call to the enterprising stalker.

Quiet and reserved, these men are professionals, compelled not by the scent of blood, but rather the gleam of gold.

You get 2 Bounty Hunters you may add to your roster

Holy Gathering

Let the organ notes ring out from the Abbey - the Sisters are gathering...

The Sisters of St. Martha's will lead the service with a chorus of 'We Are the Flame', after which they will be accepting confessions in the lower hall.

You get 2 Vestals you may add to your roster

Antique Roadshow

There is, indeed, no better place for those in search of rarities and forgotten lore...

...the recently recovered cache has excited local enthusiasts, and drawn the attention of experts in the neighboring regions.

You get 2 Antiquarians you may add to your roster

Call of the Crusade

Behold - righteousness and zealotry - gleaming in the morning sun.

...inexplicably however, only two have arrived. It appears that the Abbot's earnest appeal has been answered, albeit with mocking cruelty.

You get 2 Crusaders you may add to your roster

Blood Scourge

There is power in the Blood, for those with the fortitude to pay the price.

There are some who believe that only a litany of blood and suffering can cleanse sickness in the land. Here is one who will do his part.

The Flagellant can now be found in the Stage Coach. You may also add 1 to your roster. This event only appears once on week 5

Blood Pilgrimage

Awash in blood and delusion, they bear the burden of a thousand lifetimes.

Unsettling in the extreme, several of the church's more zealous advocates have wandered into the Hamlet in search of a glorious death. We hope they find it quickly.

You get 2 Flagellants you may add to your roster

A Desert Wind

She has paid dearly for her freedom, and deserves better than this place...

A sandstorm of rumours and half-truths swirl around the newcomer.

You get 1 Shieldbreaker you may add to your roster. This event appears once on week 4

The Adder's Kiss

They arrive with the East wind - a torrent of whirling doom!

Graceful and deadly, these elegant executioners are welcome additions to the standing army.

You get 2 Shieldbreakers you may add to your roster

A Gibbous Moon

The man is slave to the beast, and the beast is slave to the moon.

...and it is during such lunar phases that many residents report shrieks and howls of the most profoundly unnerving quality.

Idle Abominations gain 1 Resolve Level

The Plague

A new enemy - insipid and incurable.

The shadow of sickness and disease has cast itself upon our Hamlet, and with it - panic.

Idle Plague Doctors gain 1 Resolve Level

Eat the Rich

To the resourceful thief, burials are merely... ephemeral affairs.

Most curious of all, however, is the absence of any evidence in the crypt itself. Nevertheless, the chest was found open, its contents conspicuously missing.

Idle Grave Robbers gain 1 Resolve Level

Rats Among Us

Seditionists and heretics skulk in the alleys - they must be found out!

Threats to our collective safety are never in short supply, but this week our local constabulary received a welcome augmentation...

Idle Houndmasters gain 1 Resolve Level

Idle Busking

Tonight, the fools make merry. Tomorrow, they die laughing.

The music itself is damnably familiar, and yet, strangely unplaceable. Is it the instrument's odd tuning, or some inhuman quality in the bard's fingers?

Idle Jesters gain 1 Resolve Level

Archery Tournament

Competition fosters skill and confidence...

The keenest eye and steadiest hand will prevail during this week's tournament. The winner will claim the coveted Caretaker's Cup.

Idle Arbalests gain 1 Resolve Level

Laying Low

The shadows hide the guilty and guilt-ridden alike...

In the ensuing melee, two of the men escaped the scene and are said to be at large. They are most assuredly armed, dangerous, and desperate.

Idle Highwaymen gain 1 Resolve Level

Militia Training

Strength, purpose, and peace - all can be found in the focused mind.

The veteran Sergeant will be demonstrating his training regimen at the Guild Hall every night for the next week. All those concerned with self-preservation are encouraged to attend.

Idle Men-at-Arms gain 1 Resolve Level

A Day Long Awaited

Women and men; soldiers and outlaws; fools and corpses. All will find their way to us now that the road is clear.

Word of our predicament has spread, and a new crop of aspiring corpses step from the stagecoach...

Stagecoach has an additional 6 recruits for this week

Experienced Hero for Hire

This veteran will fight for you in exchange for a fair sum of Crystal Shards!

You may recruit a level 6 hero for 20 shards. The hero will have fully upgraded skills and equipment, and it will have the Twilight Dreamer quirk, even if you already have a hero with that quirk

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