Solutions to New Adventures levels in Baba is You

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New Adventures! - is an official level pack with 150+ puzzles containing rules never seen before: 3D, Boom, Safe, Idle, Fear, Mimic and many more.

Level 0: Baba's Home

This level is an introduction to new adventures.

Level 1: Who Is It?

New words of this level are FOLLOW and FACING. Follow changes element's direction and Facing checks if one element is in front of another.

Level 2: Musical Interlude

This level gets you acquainted with music making in the game.

You can hang around and experiment with basic musical instruments. They are also available in level editor for your future musical masterpieces.

Don't worry if you are not musically inclined. This musical level is the only one, and you can go for a victory flag without solving anything.

Level 3: New Friends!

Thanks to this level, we learn that now we can control second character if IS YOU2 rule is set.

New friends is the only level using this new mechanic, but there are more among custom levels.

Level 4: A Simple Maze

The level holds a little surprise - BABA IS 3D transforms a whole area into three-dimensional space. The puzzle itself is very easy, but now you have to remember the map of the maze in your mind.

Level 5: Another Simple Maze

Another three-dimensional maze in which we can see things that we couldn't in 2D. We still can complete a level without 3D knowing the passage, though.

Level 6: Colourful Cavern

Colors in this puzzle should not distract you from the solution, because they only have decorative values.

Level 7: Baba Twins

In 3D space, you control your characters separately, pressing Down arrow or S button.

Level 8: Hedge Maze

The last puzzle with 3D mechanic. More objects on the map to remember.

Level 9: Private Club

This puzzle contains GROUP word. As you may suggest, it combines multiple objects into one to give them a same property.

Level 10: Exclusive Membership

In New Adventures, you can control a second group using IS GROUP2 rule.

The solution to this puzzle lies in moving words with a Belt.

Level 11: New Members

Another experiment with grouping, now with NOT rule.

Level 12: Clear Vision

SEEING word checks the line of sight between two objects. Elements that have STOP or PUSH properties, break the line, while those who have DEFEAT - do not.

Level 13: Boom!

Boom! level opens a series of mind-blowing puzzles with explosion mechanics.

BOOM word destroys everything near, depending on a blast range.

Level 14: Lesson In Adjacency

Two new words in this puzzle are almost similar: NEXTTO is related to 4 adjacent and NEAR - to all 8 neighbor cells.

Level 15: Demolitionwork

Levels with BOOM explosions are most funny, and this one is no exception. Explode walls, but take care of important objects.

Level 16: Seeing Double

Unlike before, we need to fulfill DEFEAT rule to disappear.

Level 17: Seeing Trouble

Almost like a previous level, with lesser number of words.

Level 18: Cornered Victory

This level is the most complicated among all explosive puzzles, as now it contains WORD rule. There could be many solutions to the puzzle, but the main goal in all of them is to destroy a green hedge and make it to the words behind it.

Level 19: Advanced Linguistics 1

The level starts a series of 3 similar puzzles - if you solve the first one, the remaining two will be easy.

The key to solutions lies in shifting two words in a single cell using a conveyor belt.

Level 20: Advanced Linguistics 2

Just like in a previous level, you need to merge words for a fasted movement.

Level 21: Advanced Linguistics 3

Fewer words here, but you need to jump even further.

Level 22: Conclusion

The final level of New Adventures.

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