All Solutions to Museum of Unused Levels in Baba is You

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This guide includes solutions to all 42 puzzles of Museum of Unused Levels. These levels were removed from the main game for some reasons, sometimes explained by the game creator.

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Level 1: Basics!

This level doesn't teach much - just how to move blocks to create a safe passage. Anyone who played Sokoban-like game, came across such puzzles a lot of times.

Level Extra 1: Basics?

This level is too simple even for tutorial.

Level 2: Move

We have to use moving Keke to transport Rock over Lava.

Level 3: Moss on My Doorstep

Good example of ON usage, including turning it off.

Level 4: Old Sewer

First interaction with PULL shouldn't be complicated, so idea of this puzzle is simple - to block water with rocks.

Level 5: Public Park Rules

A minimalistic level to teach players WEAK and HAS words.

Level 6: Lift

The name of this level is a hint by itself, but you still have to place Kekes correctly.

Level 7: Beyond the River

SWAP and TELE words could be ignored - pushing wall blocks is a much easier task.

Level Extra 2: Perfect Crime A

This level teaches us duplicating items, creating two rules at the same time.

Level Extra 3: Perfect Crime B

Duplicating items with even higher efficiency.

Level 8: Keke the Guard

Several steps, mostly pushing and teleporting technics.

Level 9: Dangerous Garden

Creating space for a ROCK word after pushing hedges to the sides.

Level 10: The Very Locked Hallway

One key won't be enough here, you'll need much more.

Level 11: Crossroads

Most challenging part in this level is tight space to move blocks.

Level 12: Factory Worker

Not much of a puzzle but a routine job, title says it.

Level 13: Got All This Stuff Here

Once more, we use a moving character to transport required part.

Level 14: Separated by Liquids

Something that was an obstacle before, becomes key to victory.

Level 15: Fungal Trial

Merging two tiles into one is a key to success in this puzzle.

Level Extra 4: Fungal Trial 2

Unlike previous fungal level, merging tiles is not a requirement.

Level 16: Cemetery

Rare case when DEFEAT word is useful.

Level 17: Mobile Lawn

Nothing special about this level. It should not cause any problems if you know how to pull things.

Level 18: Apartment Building

Another great example of merging two tiles into one.

Level 19: Rusty Door

My simple solution includes controlling text and a little manipulation.

Level 20: Heavy Fortification

Even if something has STOP rule, you can still push it, like walls in this puzzle.

Level Extra 5: Secure Cottage Prelude

As a title of a puzzle says, it was designed to introduce you one side effect of opening keys with doors.

Level Extra 6: Secure Cottage

After knowing what to expect from SHUT and OPEN, a level will not be hard.

Level 21: Quarters

My solution includes some nasty tricks that are hard to explain. I'll replace the solution when find an intended one, but for now, watch the video.

Level Extra 7: Boilerworks

One of three hard levels. FALL allows you to skip dangers.

Level Extra 8: Fiery Pit

As you can see, a skull barrier is much smaller, allowing you to push some text below.

Level Extra 9: Boilerworks 2

This one involves some PULL trick and if you don't know how it works - you may lose a lot of time doing something that is not enough for a victory.

Level 22: Trap Classic

Chewy has a faster solution, taking twice less effort after creating BELT IS YOU rule and skipping most of the game parts.

Level 23: Tough Liquids

Not sure is this level has any original idea behind - I solved it in primitive way, dropping things into water.

Level 24: Harmony

Solving the puzzle step by step, switching over characters over and over again.

Level 25: Train

This level is one of the hardest in the Museum pack. It's quite unintuitive and involves two technics that player rarely use. First, shifting immovable objects. Second, opening closed tiles without pushing key object.

Level Extra 10: Train 2

Unlike the previous Train level, this puzzle is much more user-friendly.

Level 26: Fortress2

Another hard level - you're supposed to solve it by combing moving Bug and swapping Keke. I'm posing Chewy's solution because mine consists of shifting water three times and even more time-consuming.

Level 27: Bodyguards

Quite easy level to conclude numerical levels pack.

Level A: House A

First puzzle in a series of 5.

Level B: House B

Second one in a series.

Level C: House C

Third one.

Level D: House D


Level E: House E

The last one.

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