All Solutions to Museum of Revisions Levels in Baba is You

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The article includes video solutions to all 37 levels of Museum of Revisions. These levels have been significantly modified in the final version of Baba is You.

Click on screenshots to watch a video on YouTube.

Level 1: Changeless A

Quite an easy level, designed for tutorial pack. It was modified due to not being able to teach one single technic.

One of the fastest solutions is WALL IS YOU + WALL IS WIN combination.

Level Extra 1: Changeless B

This level doesn't differ much from Changeless A, and the same approach works fine.

Level 2: Affection

All the levels with many objects moving look chaotic, including this one. First disable Keke movement and then make a heart move. Unlike Lava, it will move to the right direction.

Level 3: Covered by Ice

Nice example of removing objects assigning them two conflicting properties: ICE IS MELT AND HOT.

Level 4: Icy Waters

This level may have some idea behind it, but you don't have to solve the mystery - dumping words into the water will do the job.

Level 5: Condition

No wonder this level was changed later. The ON operator has almost no use - a player turns if off right at the start.

Level 6: Babas are You

Working with emptiness may be confusing, thankfully you don't have to - there are easier ways to beat a level.

Level 7: Key in the Open

This level is extremely tedious. You have to control Me by setting ME IS MOVE and then changing his direction. You have to do it 10 times, at least.

Level 8: Multitool

WORD operator is hard to understand, but in this level you don't have to: there are couple solutions that don't involve WORD usage.

Level 9: Baba Does Not Respond

In my solution, I used moving and shifting Baba to clear Lava to make a safe way to a door.

Level 10: Telephone

Setting GRASS IS TELE allows Skull teleportation to random grass tile and freeing the way to a Flag.

Level 11: Explorers

The main idea of the level - building tracks for two moving hands. To make the task simpler, shifting skulls to the side is recommended.

This level is interesting, but quite tedious.

Level 12: Wireless Connection

Creating WALL IS PUSH rule allows us to push walls and then disabling STOP condition. After that, you have to move AND and IS to the upper part of screen. I managed to achieve that result by setting walls to MOVE, so they push required words forward.

But there's a much simpler solution that involves pushing 4 wall blocks with AND, IS words.

Level Extra 4: Wireless Connection 2

This level looks almost the same as the previous, but the difference is that now you can turn walls into Keke, setting the rule at the bottom of the screen.

You can also solve the level by jumping 2 tiles at once with KEKE IS MOVE rule, like in this video. This is my first solution, but I consider it unintended.

Level 13: Backstage

This level is one of the hardest in Museum pack. My approach was to create double IS tile. That allows Me to move 2 tiles at once, successfully jumping over shifting belts.

Level Extra 2: Maintenance Tunnel

Double IS technique would also work on this level, but the more elegant solution is to force Me to stay in one tile while changing direction.

Level 14: Tour

We can solve this level by changing Baba to Key and vice versa every turn. We walk over Lava or Water, depending on our weaknesses.

Level 15: Double Insulation

SWAP block interactions are one of the hardest to figure out intuitively. In this level, there is not much to distract you from learning SWAP mechanics.

Level 16: Endless Corridor

There are at least two approach to solve this puzzle. One, which in the video, consists of very simple steps to reach a flag with Baba.

Another solution, probably intended by a game designer, involves shifting tiles.

Level 17: Tunnel

Main goal of the puzzle is to walk Baba through a narrow tunnel, switching to uncontrollable Bat when Skulls come near.

Controlling two rocks isn't an easy task, but you have to acquire that skill to succeed.

Level 18: Baba Fields

Key to the solution lies in losing control over Keke and letting three Babas to push you over a Grass barrier, and then gaining control back.

Level 19: Fragile Existence - Old

All elements in this stage are useful - even remaining ROCK, IS, ROCK are needed to push wall.

Level A: Reunion

Solution 1: Activating ICE IS PUSH at the same turn we teleported Baba to the other side.

Solution 2: Using Baba to teleport both Ice blocks and then turning Ice to Baba. You can watch how it's done here.

Level B: Locked In

Walls may stop our controlled character, but not the words you push over them.

Level C: Canyon

The solution consist of many steps, one of the final ones is to transform no more useful Belt into Baba.

Level D: Catch the Thief!

First you make 2 Babas and then trade one of them for released WIN word.

Level E: Straw

Sometimes, like in this level, a victory comes from doing nothing at a right time.

Level F: Dim Gignal

The final IS condition could be set by pushing words that have no use anymore.

Level G: Nearly

One of the easiest level with SWAP: controlling Flag, you turn Swap off.

Level H: Even Less There

Nice and simple level to learn NOT rule. It could be applied not only at the start of the expression, but also in the end.

Level I: Toolshed

Not all the doors have to be opened to go through them.

Level J: Cranny

When we set NOT BABA IS YOU, we control two characters at once which allow us pushing IS YOU higher.

Level K: Settlement

Doors are deceiving: you don't need to open them. Removing one single Wall tile from the left side will allow us to push KEY IS YOU close to IS WIN condition.

Level Extra 3: Settlement 2

This level looks almost like the previous one, but pay attention to how rules at the bottom of the screen changed.

Level L: Orchestra Pit

It's hard to explain everything, just watch the video.

Level M: Majestic Columns

In this puzzle, we use Flag to pull Baba higher.

Level N: Fallen Words

We have just enough space to set DUST IS PUSH rule at the bottom of the pit.

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