Cuphead - All Boss Death Quotes

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The Delicious Last Course DLC death screens included. Every boss in Cuphead makes a joke or uses rhymes when you lose. If you missed them because of your flawless gameplay, check all of them now!

Glumstone The Giant

You thought you were bold, but I'm boulder.

Ah, such a delightful treat... I had a hand in your defeat!

Give up now is my suggestion, lest you give me indigestion.

Moonshine Mob

One-two punch, you and da cops are eatin’ dirt. Bingo bingo!

This dance is over, there’s no excuse…you couldn’t handle the giggle juice.

One thing dis nose knows is, youse cups gonna be pushin’ up roses!

Surprise! Forgetting about da boss ain’t wise.

The Howling Aces

You thought you were top dog, but you never had a sniff.

Afirm Roger Fox! Afirm Roger Fox!

Looks like your skills have gone AWOL, fleabags.

Mortimer Freeze

It'll be a hot December before I let you be a member.


It’s Aurora Borea-all over for you!

Esther Winchester

Y'all took quite the fall...I s'pose it's last call!

I've prepared y'all a tomb...right inside my vacuum!

Let's be franks here, I'm yer wurst nightmare.

A gal can-tin-joy a moment's peace without you meddlin'.

Chef Saltbaker

Marinate in your defeat while I complete this astral treat!

My power grows with much aplomb! Your end is here, upon my palm!

Your futile efforts were in vain, this world will be my salt domain.

The mark of my salinity shall scar thy fired glaze!

Angel and Demon

Wish you may, wish you might, your soul is now trapped in the night.

The Pawns

One by one by one by one, your chance at victory is done!

The Knight

A 'W' for me and an 'L' for you!

The Bishop

I've got you beat from every angle!

The Rook

Beating you was pretty straightforward!

The Queen

Too little, too late, I dare say that's checkmate!

Root pack

Buttered, smashed, and mashed. It's over for you.

Hey little guy, it's O.K. if you have to cry!

I'm lean, mean and full of beta-carotene.

Goopy Le Grande (Slime)

With a face like mine is it a crime to be bouncing all the time?

I'm a handsome slime bringing pain -- one bounce at a time!

I'm very smashing... even in grave situations!

Ribby and Croaks (Wood Frogs)

We've had fightin' souls since we've been tiny tadpoles.

Crude and bad, 'cause we're from the wrong side of the lily pad.

You went for broke and now you're croaked!

Cagney Carnation

Fools who attempt to fight this will leave with allergic rhinitis!

Extreme pollination and total domination!

Hilda Berg

Fitting, isn't it? I'm a blimp -- you're a wimp.

You won't get too far... it has been foretold in the stars.

You lost too soon and I was only half moon!

Beppi The Clown

Why'd the clown drive over the cup? He wanted to crack him up.

What'd the Balloon animals think of the cup? Quite the gob-let-down!

Knock knock. Who's there? Charlie. Charlie who? Charlie horse!

What do you call a cup that falls off a swing? A tumbler!

Baroness Von Bon Bon

I won't sugarcoat never stood a chance!

Lord Gob Packer

How's the jaw, ol' chum?

Kernel Von Pop

For me, a sweet tooth is fiendishly uncouth!

Muffsky Chernikov

Delicious and vicious, while maliciously nutritious.

Sargent Gumbo Gumbull

I chew 'em up and spit 'em out.

Sir Waffington III

Straight off the iron and too hot to handle!

Grim Matchstick (Dragon)

Don't m-m-m-misunderstand my flames -- I just meant fun and games.

Sorry, I didn't mean to put you in the h-h-h-hot seat...

One..two..three! You'd b-b-b-etter flee!

Wally and Willy Warbles (Birds)

I own the air -- I fly where eagles dare!

My dad's the brawn and I'm all brains! Together, we bring the pain.

Even without my feathers, you're in for stormy weather!

Djimmi The Great (Genie)

You look the fool, falling for the first trick I learnt at genie school.

You really didn't stack up.

Do you need to borrow my sarcophagus?

That beating was for free -- no strings attached!

I need a new volunteer... this one collapsed in fear!

Captain Brineybeard and a Ship

Yer skills be like me buried treasure... just a myth!


Rumor Honeybottoms (Gueen Bee)

Doggone! We got ourselves a good ol' fashioned honey heist!

Hey sugar, this honey is off limits. Now scram.

Dominate and bombinate -- that's how I bee!

Werner Werman and Katzenwagen

Zat vas easy as eins, zwei, drei!

Zis tank iz ze ultimate veapon. You vill not vin!

Hiss! Hiss! Me-e-e-e-ow!!

Dr. Kahl's and His Robot



I have the perfect equation to hinder yer evasion!

Sally Stageplay

Break a leg...nah, break two!

Stay away from center stage or succumb to the power of a starlet's rage!

Good riddance -- go away! It is time for my soliloquy.

Please exit stage left during my standing ovation!

Cala Maria

You are a cutie... I am not sure if I should catch and release!

You dare to gaze?! How 'bout stone boots so you can swim with the fishes!

Holy mackerel! Is that your best effort?

Phantom Express

I can... see... into the future. You... will be... counting worms.

All aboard!! Next stop -- your funeral.

Sorry! This train is only for the dead...but we can help you with that.

What a glorious night for me to bring the fright!

King Dice

So clever, so dapper, ya betta' believe this dice is loaded. Hi-de-ho!

Tipsy Troop

Go sleep *hic* it look a little *hic* rough!

Chips Bettigan

Hey, short stack! This ain't a place you wanna be hanging 'round.

Mr. Wheezy

Looks like you could use some fresh air.

Pip and Dot

You set them up, I'll knock them down.

Hopus Pocus

...and PRESTO!! The cup has completely disappeared.

Phear Lap

This derby is over and the results are in. Last place...YOU!


Ah-ha! You've noticed that my style is very Russian!


Fault, scratch and choke -- are you trying to hustle me?

Mr. Chimes

Monkey see, monkey doom.

The Devil

You broke our it's my turn to break you!!!

Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed!

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